Neutcoin: MOST ADVANCED Stateless WALLET

  • Smart-swapping to generate guaranteed margin profits in the range of 9% to 15% weekly and 2% daily
  • Withdrawals now processed in under 10 mins
  • New support for Ethereum and Litecoin deposit
  • Security: Your wallet is encrypted with your secret password. Hence only you can have access to your funds
  • We charge the lowest fees only 0.0001BTC on withdrawal

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* Update 2020: We added new support for Litecoin deposits, This means that the Litecoin network has been integrated into NTC explorer and deposits can now be made in Litecoin.

* Update 2020: We added new support for ethereum deposits, This means that the ethereum network has been integrated into NTC explorer and deposits can now be made in ethereum.

* Update 2020: Our networks received some extra level of optimisations. Now transactions are even processed faster. Incoming transactions should not take more than 10 minutes to reflect. We are currently working to optimise outgoing transfers to 12 minutes; they are currently at 15 minutes

* Update 2020: We are deploying a new system swapping algorithm capable of acheiving the same results while using up less power and system resources. This algorithm will first be deployed to the lower volume activities before seeing system-wide implementation.  This is in line with our support for a greener environment

* Update 2020: Our engineers were able to achieve some extra level of optimisations. This will enable every user to achieve upto 1.7% extra boost on trade profits, this may be little but still worth while. We are committed to delivering the very best to our loyal customers.

* Update 2020:  Managing the testimonials everyday has proven to be quite cumbersome.  But don't worry we are up to the task. We have employed 23 new staffs to manage the testimonial section.

* Update 2019: Happy New Year to all of you! We want to thank you one more time for being with us through out 2019 terrain. Fasten your seat belts, 2020 is the future of crypto-currencies as we will be implementing support for other altcoins including ethereum!

* Update 2019:  Santa was here earlier. We wish you all a very merry christmas.

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